It’s 12:05 am Dec. 25! Merry Christmas!!! 


I should get to bed because we all know that my children are going to be awake at the crack of dawn ready begging J and me to get out of bed so that we can start the festivities. I wanted to pop on the blog for a quick moment though because it has been so quiet around here lately. Of course I have nothing but Christmas itself to blame for that and that’s okay. I love Christmas. J and I were talking tonight about how it’s kind of sad that Christmas is about to be over and we know that the lights will come down soon and school and work will start back up. We are both trying to soak it all in.

With that said here is this year’s Busch Family Christmas Card.

I am in love with the results.

I took the portraits of the kids on the back

but the ones on the front were taken by a friend of mine. We traded photography services. I took some pics of her and her husband recently

and she did this session for me.

I was originally planning to paint the letters and stand in front of a very colorful bowling alley in our city. However, when I took a few snapshots of the kids in front of this white wall holding the plain wood letters I decided I liked the simplicity of that even better.

In the end I couldn’t be happier with how it all came together.

Here are a few of the other shots that we got that day.

You can’t see it on the Christmas card but I love that we got to incorporate two of our favorite hobbies music and photography (not the vintage camera on the floor).


We also did some of the kids with dad.


Then some of just me and the kids

I call this one “No family is perfect”. Ha!

Anyway, I seriously have to stuff some stockings and get in bed! Merry Christmas everybody!