For Elle’s 3rd birthday we did a Candy Land Theme and it was incredible. The idea found its way to me because my parents had a Candy Land themed Trunk or Treat in 2017 and I saw what a great job they did on all the props and prints. I made sure they didn’t even think about throwing it out and had them give it all to me when they were done.

The party evolved a little from Candy to princess theme because Elle and her little friends LOVE dressing up. I figured since there is a “Princess Lolly” and “Queen Frostine” in the Candy Land game it wouldn’t be too far fetched to have guests wear their favorite princess dress or choose one from our large selection.

I also pulled ideas from previous parties we have had, like putting the netting over the gift chair like I did for SJ’s butterfly party.

I also decorated the old door with photos of the birthday child like I did at Ezie’s farm party, SJ’s tea party, Elle’s Bumble Bee party and the butterfly graduation party. It’s becoming quite the tradition.

The girls had fun posing in front of the Candy Land backdrop. Pretty early on I surprised them all by coming out in a “queen” outfit competely with royal crown and jewels.

I paid five bucks for the prom dress from a thrift store and I borrowed the accessories from my sister in law. I tried to transform into queen mode so rapidly that I got bright red lipstick all of my teeth. I think the girls knew I wasn’t really princess material but it was funny and I don’t think they’ll forget it.

For a craft we decorated crowns that I got from Hobby Lobby. The whole kit was very low cost compared to my idea of getting individual tiaras from the dollar tree.

The crowns came with stick on jewels so it was mess free, and since the party was so close to the holidays I was able to get Christmas stickers that included candy canes, ginger bread, and peppermint. This fit in perfectly with the Candy Land theme.


What a great craft! Next up was the Candy Cake. Talk about a pinstrosity!

I tried to make the number three by cutting a bundt cake in half and splitting it. I also added frosting, sprinkles, and candy of course. It was a mess, but you know what? The girls devoured it and I had a lot of people tell me they love seeing a unique homemade cake with “character” over the over the top fondant cake boss perfection.

To help balance out ALL. THAT. CANDY. I served humus, pretzel chips, fruit, cheese and nuts on the side. I have said this before but I like offering whole fruit for children rather than fruit salad. They usually just want a certain thing anyway so why go through the trouble? It all worked out nicely.

Last but not least I had the candy pinata. This was my fifth homemade pinata and it was relatively simple since it’s just a ball (paper mache balloon) wrapped in tissue paper.

I admit I love throwing parties for little girls. I imagine what I would want if I were their age. When I was brainstorming outloud to my mom I said “I don’t know, I was thinking maybe it would be fun if I were a queen” we both started laughing outloud because I knew what I meant. It might add some extra fun to the party if I dressed up as a character, but out of context it just sounded like a very random and whimsical statement.

Anyway, I am so glad I got to do this party for Elle. We all really enjoyed it.