Our table is old. Our table is stained. Our table is ugly. 

I get really embarrassed about it. Whether we have company or I look at it in pictures I cringe.

This table is so banged up; not in a cute farmhouse way, but in a four kids and real-life kind of way.

Do you want to hear a true confession? If I am going to post a cute little shot of my fabulous life on Instagram I try to hide all the scrapes and nail polish stains. Yeah, I’m that girl.

It’s nearly impossible though. It was already weathered when we bought it used 13 years ago and it’s just gone downhill from there.

We have always had dreams of sanding it down and refinishing the beautiful Maple surface but it’s at the bottom of an endless list of priorities.

And honestly, I’m not sure it would last long anyway in our house. There is bound to be an incident with a sharpie or a hot plate to taint the surface again.


I am thankful for the table though.


We’ve fed countless people at that table. We’ve eaten ice cream while talking about the diets we are about to start. We have had homework victories and late night tears sitting in those chairs.


We’ve grumbled while scrubbing the table and fought about who would sweep under it. We have sung many “happy birthday to you” at that same table and celebrated new jobs and reunions with friends and family.


Board games, puzzles, crafts, burnt meals, take out, and our traditional Saturday breakfasts all take place at the table.

We hold hands around the table, we reach out across the table, we pass food, and serve and are served. At the table, we are nourished and we are filled up.

So when I really pause to think about the table and what it represents, I am encouraged. I am encouraged to pray, give thanks, reach out, connect. create and celebrate. This is what we do at the table.


Our table is big. Our table is sturdy. Our table is full. For that, I am thankful.