Yesterday on my photography page I shared some photos I had taken in the past year of SISTERS!

What I love about this beautiful collage is that each photo has a story and all of the families represented are unique. On the top left we have two sisters sitting in front of a mural that is a tribute to their sister in heaven. The girl in the painting is their sister, Palmyr and the image behind her is Jesus pushing her on the swing. You can read more about their story here on Messy Mom. The next photo is of a blended family who have another sister on the way due in a few months. The sisters in the bottom left photo both have cochlear implants and know sign language. You probably recognize the two little cuties in costume are my daughters. While there are so many differences among the photos, each one expresses the bond of sisterhood and I think that is incredibly beautiful.

I never expected SJ to have a sister. There was no logical reason for this but since I had three brothers and no sisters I guess I just felt like maybe history would repeat itself. God had a different plan though and I am so grateful that my gut was wrong in this case and baby number four is our beautiful daughter Elle. I have said in the past that money could never buy a greater gift for SJ than the gift of a baby sister. She was in love with her from the moment she was born (and if you know the story you know she was there when Elle was born).


SJ is the ultimate mother hen and Elle is the ultimate baby doll.




Even though SJ is not very big for her age she doesn’t let that stop her from always wanting to carry her sister around.

You would think now that Elle is almost three it would stop, but I am not sure when and if it will!



Her tenderness and love for her sister sure is sweet though. And Elle definitely adores her big sis.


I’m sure there

will be a lot of different dynamics in their relationship through the years, but I am thankful that they have each other. I know their sisterly bond will last forever.