Starting with Z, my husband J and I decided we needed to be intentional about having a one on one outing with each of the kids at least once a year starting at age 5. I explain more about why age 5 in this post: A Priceless Mother Son Outing.

Half of the “date nights” that I have had with Z were at Chic-fil-A for the mother-son events. 


We’ve always had a great time and look forward to it every year. They always make it so special. This year’s theme was Super Hero.


You have to have reservations to attend and when you arrive you sit at a decorated table and are waited on.  This year our server was Super Girl and we got to pick out a free dessert (two chocolate shakes please!) 


Outside of the playland was a transformation station.


This where the boys could walk into the “changing booth” and walk out as their favorite superhero!


Z got a batman slap bracelet, a cape, and mask.


He also got his face painted and we had to do the photo booth of course.


It was so much fun! 



I talked to Z about maybe changing it up next time and not doing mother-son night at CFA anymore. Next year I want to take Ezie because he will be 5. I could take both boys, most families come to the event with multiple children, but I want Ezie to get the experience that Z had with just being the two of us. Also, with very few exceptions, Z is the oldest one there. Every time we go to one of these events it’s almost all toddlers and preschoolers. Z still likes super heroes (who doesn’t?), but when he’s 11 is he still going to be into getting his picture with the cow? Maybe. Maybe not.


Listen I am not rushing him to grow up. BELIEVE ME! But he is already past the height limit for the playland and I think it’s a good time to move onto new adventures. 

I tend to think about these things because I am a big fan of closure. I wrote a blog post about it when we moved from Texas.

 I am a little neurotic about closure actually. When I was pregnant with Elle I had to know if that was my last pregnancy because I needed the closure. If someone leaves or hangs up the phone without saying goodbye I feel gypped. They don’t even have to do it to be rude, but I take it personally.If I have one bite left of dessert and the kids eat it, I’m upset because I plan my last bite. I want it to be a good bite. I prepare myself for the bite that will end the meal experience and I savor it differently than the second to last bite. I told you I’m weird.


All that to say I really cherished this final mother-son night at chic-fil-a with Z. I can’t wait for our next night out.