I’ve been blogging for over nine years and I can count on one hand the number of times that I’ve gone a week without doing a blog post. This is one of those weeks where it’s a struggle for me to type any words. So this is going to be brief, but I’ve got some BIG personal updates that I’ve been anxious to spill the beans about.

1. We are getting a house!
I have alluded to this for a while, but we are just weeks away from sealing the deal. If everything goes through we will be moving into a home of our own by the end of the month!  There are a ton more details to that but I’m gonna hold off until we had the keys in hand.
2. My dad and brother were in a car wreck.
This past Wednesday I got that call that everyone dreads. My mom never calls me at night and I was in the middle of the bedtime battle with the kids so it wasn’t a  good time to talk, but I answered the phone because “What if?”.
Me: Hello?
Mom: Has anyone called you yet?
Me: (My heart was already racing because I knew this was bad) No what is going on?
Mom: Your dad and Jeremy were in a car accident? (and she breaks down in tears)
Me: (Freaking out and trying not to hyperventilate.) “Is every one okay? What happened? Are they fine!? Oh no!”
Mom: I don’t know everything yet, but it looks like they are going to be okay…
They had borrowed a truck because there was a huge storm in our area the night before and a tree went down at my brother’s place. The truck had been running completely fine until they approached a three way stop and the brakes went completely out. They were going 55 mph and Could. Not. Stop. They flew through the intersection and with no way of stopping the vehicle  they actually went over a creek Duke’s of Hazard style and landed in somebody’s yard. They were taken by ambulance to two different hospitals for different injuries. By the grace of God they are both out of the hospital now and doing alright, but my dad has severe back pain and my brother has a broken arm which he had to have surgery to have pins put in. We are all feeling so grateful that they are alive, but they are going to have a major recovery ahead of them so please keep them in your prayers.
3. I am beginning a new series called inspiring moms.
I know I’ve mentioned it before, but things are really getting going with the Inspiring Mom series. I’ve already interviewed two moms. One of them you may have read about from when we did postcards for Colton (which was something I promoted on Facebook). Colton’s mom Suzanne is amazing. She is sharing with us her story of having a son diagnosed with a rare disability and also what it’s like to survive a tornado. I was so moved by her story and I know you will be too. She is a warrior mama! I also interviewed my favorite granny in the whole wide world. She 96 years old and still drives and lives on her own. And then I have another interview coming up Tuesday. So the ball is really rolling. I still want to hear from more moms though. Don’t hesitate to nominate somebody or talk to me about being featured as an Inspiring Mom! And be on the look out for the first installment here in the next couple of weeks.
So that’s the latest in a nutshell.
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Be blessed!

PS. It’s SJ’s 7th birthday! We’ve got some fun surprises in store.