How Do you fall asleep at night
A couple years ago I wrote a blog post about sleep habits and was absolutely fascinated with the diverse responses I got on the subject. As I mentioned yesterday in my post “15 Weird Fact About MeI like to fall asleep on my back with my feet tucked behind my knees (Indian style). My husband isn’t the biggest fan of this habit, so I will sometimes compromise with what we call “the figure four” where I put the leg nearest him straight and the other leg bent at the knee.

I also start off with socks, but then I kick them off in the middle of the night. By the end of the week there is a pile of socks collecting at the bottom of the bed.

Lastly, I prefer it to be really dark. When I was pregnant with Ezie I struggled with insomnia and had to wear a sleep mask. Sometimes I still put something over my eyes like a soft headband. I can’t have anything covering my mouth and nose though, but I know people that swear by keeping their face covered to go to sleep.

One thing is for sure, most people have a preferred ritual for maximum rest and I find it all very amusing.

Here are the comments I received from readers in the past. Please feel free to add your own if you haven’t already!


                 I sleep on my left side all curled up under my blankets, and my hair has to be covering my right ear. I cannot sleep if my ear is exposed. Random 🙂


                My sleep isn’t boring; neither is it regular!! I don’t always fall asleep right away, or stay asleep for long. I tend to wake up MANY times during the night. I                   think I sleep better the last 2 – 4 hours of the morning!! And, I also wear socks to bed in the winter…but if my feet get warm, my whole body is warm and I cannot     sleep; so, yes, the socks come off!

                  –Barbara L.

               I use to sleep without a pillow. I’d read somewhere that it was better for you. My husband hated it. Over the years I changed. Now I’m a pillow snob. I                      would travel with my own pillow more if it were easier.


I used to have a harder time falling asleep, but after my deployment everything change. I had to sleep with lights on, people being noisy, other random military type noises. After a week of not sleeping my body decided to just sleep through everything. lol Now I can sleep almost anywhere, but if I need to pee, I will lay awake for hours. So now I just hop out of bed if I have been awake for more than 15 min and it usually knocks me out.
I am a back sleeper and when I’m pregnant I have to sleep on my side which annoys me. 🙂

Amanda H.

Depends on the season of the year, if it is summer, I throw the covers down and sleep on top of my head. If its winter, I love to be snuggled up under my blankets. I like having my feet warm too. I actually go to bed with slipper socks on which I love. You should try them out if you haven’t. I like no noise too.

Tara U.

I need my feet covered, ever since a childhood babysitter said a lion would eat them if I threw the covers off. I do love me some nice cotton sheets to cover up with though.

Jennifer P.

I have to have my covers all bunched up tight around my neck and shoulders even if it is smoldering hot, but I often kick my feet out. I also like to tangle up my legs with my hubby’s but it bothers me if he moves and rearranges me. I have figure 4 sleeping son and it has always cracked us up that he could sleeps like that.

Colleen M.

I start out Indian style! But I move a lot before actually falling asleep. I used to sleep on my belly, with my arms underneath me as well. It isn’t good for my neck & back (therefore my migraines), though. At some point in the night, I’ll wake up and discover that I’m on my belly, so I’ll roll over onto my back again. If my husband is already asleep, I sleep with earplugs so I don’t hear him snoring! If I really need to sleep in on a Saturday I’ll use a sleep mask. I wear socks when it’s cold, and I keep my feet covered.


Well I sometimes start with socks but usually they are kicked off as well. I almost always have one leg/foot out of the covers at some point. I sleep with an extra quilt on my side because my husband is a cover thief, and I have a pillow I hug up to and a box fan. Box fan goes everywhere with us and if we don’t have enough room to travel with one it is the first thing we buy when we get into town and then we return it on our way out of town.

Laura M.

I am not really interesting.. I sleep on my right side, hugging my pillow 🙂


Pitch dark. No socks. Tank top and undies only. Sheets pulled up over my head. On my back. Arms across my chest holding my own hands.

Susan S.

I typically fall asleep best on my back or side spooning my husband from behind.

He likes noise in the background because he has ringing in his ears and sometimes it bothers me but I can usually fall asleep with noise. Same with light, I don’t need complete and total darkness.

I’m very much like my mother, I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. lol


I sleep on my side and hug a pillow, my husband jokes and says I create a fortress for myself which is sort of true but I do it on purpose, I just find it most comfortable to be in a cocoon.


My husband also sleeps indian style, but he even crosses his arms too! Very annoying…after 18 years though I’ve gotten used to it.