Looking through old blog posts I came across one carnival I joined up with where you had to share random facts about yourself. Some of the old ones didn’t really apply anymore, so I decided to start a new list. Here are 15 random things you may or may not know about me.

  1. I own a pair of pink cowboy boots that my aunt wore in a movie with Whoopi Goldberg.west
  2. I used to be a puppeteer and even competed. It was a children’s ministry I was a part of in Atlanta.
  3. I can cross my pinky toe over my other toe, but only on my right foot. I don’t want to post a picture of my gross feet so here is a drawing I found online. 

overlappingtoes-300x2504. I learned the Greek alphabet in the 6th grade and I still remember it. Of all the things I have forgotten, that one stuck.

5. I used to be allergic to shrimp and bee stings. I am no longer allergic to shrimp because one time I accidentally had some dip made with shellfish and I did not react. The jury is still out on the bee stings because I haven’t been stung since I was  young girl.

6. I tried  hair extensions one time


I know that’s probably not what you were expecting to see, but my hair was really short at the time.


Also, this was 2005. Emo was the thing and chunky extreme layers were in style, plus I was 22.

7. My husband has a niece and a nephew that are older than me, and no they do not call me Aunt Natalie.

8. I ate cow tongue once.

9. I prefer falling asleep on my back in the “criss cross applesauce” position.

10. I haven’t drank soda since high school

11. I used to be a big time couponer. In 2009 I got $1,000 worth of free products and was questioned by the police for trying to find coupons in a recycling bin.

12. I am Natalie and my husband’s name is Jeremy. My brother’s name is also Jeremy and his wife is also named Natalie. We each have 2 boys and 2 girls. Between the two of us they are ages 9, 7 (in a month), 6, 5, 4, 3 (in a couple weeks), 1, and 10 months. 

13. I used to work on a farm and milk goats; this goat is a buck which I did NOT milk. 

buck14. We have lived in 5 different homes in the last 5 years: three different states, 4 different houses, and one apartment. 

15. My favorite kind of book is memoirs. I don’t know how many I’ve read, but definitely over 50. I am currently reading “The God I Love” by Joni Eareckson Tada.