I have big plans for my blog in 2017. Until then all bets are off. Here is a quick summary of what I’ve been up to.

1. SJ fractured her wrist. img_4316

She fell off the top bunk (it’s Z’s bed and she knows she is not allowed up there). She was told it needed a cast, but then the follow up appointment determined she just needed a splint. She was pretty disappointed about not getting a cast. If only she knew.

2. I still have an owie on my bottom. Before SJ decided to steal the show I was the one getting sympathy for my big fall down the stairs. I’ve gotten a lot better, but I still can’t do a lot without being in pain. I am almost out of pain meds too so I’ve been gradually weening myself off of them. I’ll be fine. Hopefully this time next week I’ll hardly notice the discomfort.

3. We had a nontraditional Thanksgiving.


This year my mom had to work and some family members were out of town, so we kept it simple by partaking in a Thanksgiving buffet at a farm in Indiana. It  wasn’t ideal because our reservations were for the latest time slot, so they weren’t refreshing the food (or drinks) like they should have. My mom kindly reported our negative experience to management and that was that. No big deal. At least we got together.

3. I won a 21 pound Butterball Turkey. I keep on raving about Walmart online grocery pickup and now I have even more reason to love them. I was picked at random to be the recipient of one of their premium Turkeys in a nice reusable bag with a  sweet little card. I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of it! What is the world coming to?

4. I roasted my first turkey! If you are instagram you may have seen my elobarote story where I shared step by step pics and videos of my experience.

img_4248 img_4254

Turkeys are weird and kind of gross for a non-foodie like me, but my parents came over and I fed all 8 of us a simple Thanksgiving meal. They all said it turned out great and I felt so accomplished. It was a wonderful meal. I honestly had no desire to bake a turkey this year, but I am glad it all came together in the way it did because it was pressure free.

5. We got a microwave! I have been without a microwave for 4 years now and I finally decided it was time. J was reluctant, but he found a good deal at Walmart on Black Friday and we pulled the trigger. We both agree it was a good purchase and it has been phenomenal.

6. We decorated!

img_4143I love decorating for Christmas and even though it makes our small space feel even tighter it is all definitely worth it.

7. I watched my first episode of Gilmore Girls. All of my friends have been loosing their ever loving minds over the revival episodes on Netflix. I have never been able to keep up with the show’s notoriously fast banter. Despite several efforts I don’t think I ever finished an entire episode. Still, I couldn’t handle being left out of all the cryptic chatter on social media about the shocking ending. So I read a sort of cliff notes version of what the show is about and decided to jump in. I’m about 10 minutes into Summer now.

8. I started Christmas shopping. I love shopping. Yay Christmas!

9. I got our Christmas cards. That’s another thing that I love. I ordered them late at night on Black Friday and I woke up realizing I didn’t put our names on the card at all! I panicked and dialed and redialed until eventually someone picked up the phone. I was able to cancel the order and redo them. I am super happy with how they turned out.

10. We dropped off our Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box. Zion put it together for a boy his age and on a side note the family photo included was the one we used for our Christmas card.



That’s it for now, but just think, it’s not even December yet!