I already mentioned the Three Little Pigs party when I talked about the pig cupcakes. The entire menu was  farm inspired.


I even had some adorable printables (that never got printed cough cough. Hey, nobody’s perfect).


Anyway, I knew I had to have deviled eggs, but struggled with getting them to be cooked thoroughly. Since google had failed me I figured I’d take it to Facebook and see what my friends suggested.

I had no idea just how many hard boiled egg experts there were and how passionate they would be about their method. Some friends argued amongst each other how long it should take or whether or not to cover the pot or cook them in a pan, or spin them to see if they stand up to. Two days and 45 comments later I still felt at a loss. One of my friends even gave their advice followed by, “but it looks like you must have it figured out by now” and I replied “Yeah, I figured out that I never want to make deviled eggs again!”

The party was a hit and deviled eggs weren’t all that pretty, but they were tasty and rapidly consumed.



A few days later there is a package at my door step. I didn’t remember doing any recent orders on Amazon, but I quickly ripped it open to discover an egg timer! It turns out my brother took it upon himself to order a hard boiled egg timer for me.




Now I make hard boiled eggs at least once a week! We just recently celebrated Ezie’s 4th birthday and I did deviled eggs yet again. So how come I went from swearing off hardboiled eggs to making them weekly?

Allow me to explain.

The perfect hardboiled egg

I already mentioned the egg timer. It works great. You put the eggs and the timer in a pot of water, turn on the burner and let them boil until the timer changes color to indicate your desired consistency. I prefer to allow the eggs to cook all the way through.


It’s that simple. Then place them in ice water.

The other game changing tool is the Ikea teaspoon.


I have to give my husband credit for discovering this trick. You roll your egg on a hard surface to crush the shell.


Then you slip that spoon in-between the shell and the egg and slide it around smoothly.


Once you’ve gotten the majority off you can easily peel away the rest.


Now I have become one of the countless individuals that knows exactly how to boil the perfect egg and I too am very passionate about my methods. I guess it’s not so hard after all.


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