In full disclosure, I did receive some Dapperman products with no strings attached. I chose to include a brief review of some of these lovely items in this gift guide.

My husband J just recently celebrated his 40th birthday (*GASP* I know.). A lot of old photos resurfaced to insure J was properly embarrassed for this special occasion.


As I looked through the cute and often awkward stages that he went through I believe he successfully managed to try all the major hairstyles of the 80’s and 90’s.

I also noticed that once he realized what a killer beard he could grow he never turned back. Despite the changes (and ahem, loss) of hair over the past decade the beard has been an anchor on his face.


So I figured what better gift to get during this time of crisis than something that would nuture the constant in his adult life (his beard) from the other constant in his life (me).

gifts for bearded men

Enter the beard grooming kit. Not all of this is new, but I am showing all of his kit to spur on your own ideas for the bearded man in your life.

shaving kit

Each man’s beard is one of a kind and so is their grooming kit. Mix and match with different products and tools to meet your lumberjack’s personal needs.

Start with a decent bag. You can find these men’s toiletry bags shaving kit bags on amazon such as the David King & Co. Large Multi Pocket Shave Kit

david kingshave kit
You can also find them at most retail stores like Kohl’s or JCPenney, or  L.L.Bean.

Now that you’ve got your bag you need to fill it with beard grooming tools.

wahl clippers

If your man has a beard he probably already has his choice tools. He also probably hasn’t replaced them in a long time so he may be due for an upgrade. J’s bag includes cordless Wahl clippers, scissors, and comb. Everybody man needs a nice pocket comb and they are misplaced frequently so you can never have too many. Definitely put one of these in your kit. Same goes for the barber scissors.

Lastly the bearded man needs products.

J’s kit includes Dapperman Black Egyptian Beard Oil and Beard Balm. He uses them daily and we both love the look, feel, and smell or the product.

Their mission is simple, Do Good. I love that the products are all natural and beyond the surface their vision is to inspire something deeper, something noble. Here is what I found on their website.

 Within every man there is a gentleman. Beyond the noise there are values that need to be remembered, need to be celebrated. Dapperman is about having the confidence to be an individual. To stand up in the face of adversity, and to make the world a better place for those around you. Our business is founded on simple principles: respect, not contempt; pride without ego; lead, don’t follow.

Isn’t that awesome? They have other great products too, so you don’t have to have a beard to benefit from their pomade, “righteous hold matte clay” or soap bricks.


Whether it’s a mustache, stubble, massive beard, or a beard dream, a new shaving kit is sure to rejuvenate that smile underneath all the hair. And when my bearded man is happy it makes me happy too.