I gave cow appreciation day a lot of flack this year, but in the end we still dressed up head to hoof, went out, ate free chicken, and had a great time.


My mom came with us and it was her first year to participate. She loved it as I knew she would.


Of course as I mentioned before it was Elle’s first year too! I had to get a photo of myself with my two youngest because the very first year we ever participated in cow appreciation day these were the outfits Z and SJ wore. She was 4 months old and Z was almost three in this photo from 7 years ago.


Now Elle is wearing the same dress at 8 months old and Ezie is wearing that same vest and pants at 3 years old! Sometimes I feel like I am experiencing my first few years of motherhood all over again with this combination. Especially when the older two are at school.


By the way, there is a story behind my silly costume. I ordered it from Amazon with the intentions of wearing it on cow day and also to have it as a character in the Three Little Pigs skit we did at Ezie’s 3rd birthday party.


Since it was a farm theme I dressed up like a cow for part of it. I had all the kids gather around for a story. I was the narrator of the story and I got 4 volunteers, which ended up being three grown men to play the pigs and my little nephew to be the big bad wolf.


As I told the story they acted it out and whenever I said the word “BLOW” (for blow your house down) the audience had bubbles that they would blow. So everyone was included and it was the cutest, funnest, best time. Really. I loved that party, and even though the costume thing at Chick-fil-A was kind of watered down this year I am still glad I got the cow costume.


Back to last Tuesday, here are a couple photos from after the festivities. I haven’t updated about Elle’s latest milestones, but she is crawling all over the place now.


She can even pull herself up to a standing position. I can’t believe how motivated she is to be on the move.


Or should I say on the Moooo-ve. Sorry, I can’t help my self.