This little darling is now 8 months old.



It’s been a big milestone month for her. At 7 months old she started to attempt crawling.


A week later she was pretty proficient at scooting around, but she still couldn’t quite keep her belly off the ground.


A week later she was crawling room to room and even over things!


By the time she turned 8 months old she was using furniture to pull herself up into a standing position.

It’s been crazy to see how determined she is to be on the move. Her first 3 months of life were spent sleeping and even after that she was so chunky I really figured she would be like her brothers and take her time getting around, but I was so wrong.


These photos were taken on our trip to Michigan last week. It was Elle’s first trip to the beach (outside of the womb). I really wanted to do a mini photo session at Lake Huron because I had maternity photos from there last year.


Isn’t it amazing the difference a year makes!


IMG_8147 copy

I have a family photo from this day too, but I am saving it for our Christmas card. I was trying to do a very quick design idea to make sure we could use the photo and J reminded me that we still have 6 months before Christmas. I reminded him that I may be a loose cannon in many ways, but when it comes to parties and festivities I am a planner!

Anyway, I’ll share more pics from our amazing Michigan getaway later, but I have been overdue to give a baby Elle update and I love these shots so much I just had to post them!!!