Whew. It’s been a crazy month you guys. I’ve been blogging since 2008 and the longest I have ever gone without blogging is one week. One week! This whole time! So the fact that my site has been down for a month has been really discouraging. I feel like I need to skip sleeping for the unforeseeable future in order to get caught up on here. But don’t worry I am going to sleep. There are few things I love more than blogging. God for sure. Family is definitely one of them and sleep is probably the other.

If you follow Messy Mom on Facebook (which I highly recommend) then you know most of this already, but my site was crashing nonstop and J eventually decided we had to start all over. We moved the whole site to a new server. Things may look the same, but this a completely new virtual property that we just broke ground on.

A couple updates. 

First of all,  even though I am back to blogging we are not finished tweaking the site. So you may see some changes popping up here and there. Things like my About Me page which is sorely outdated and working out some final kinks.

I also plan to start a new series called “Inspiring Moms”. It’s going to be a once a month feature of different moms that have unique stories to tell. Please let me know if you are interested in being featured.

I want to shed light on all different stories of motherhood so maybe you have been through a divorce, or maybe you have a special needs child and you could share about that. It could be about parenting in another country or homeschool. I really want this to be something that we can learn from each other and build community. So that’s the vision behind Inspiring Moms, it’s not about the heroic mother that rescued her baby from a pack of wolves it’s about all mothers. And by the way it’s an interview so you don’t have to be a writer to participate.

Speaking of sharing stories. The Messy Mom (that’s me) is going to be doing a public speaking appearance at a bar in Cincinnati! Ack!? Can you believe it? It’s scheduled for the beginning of August and I will be sharing a humorous version of Elle’s birth story. I really look forward to what I consider a ministry opportunity. It’s going to be recorded too so if it works out I will share the video on here.

On a more personal note here is a micro-update of what is happening at home.


J is still doing a co-op at the same job. Even though he hasn’t taken classes since last year he technically graduates this August. This means we are going to rock this little rental property for at least one more year. It’s not my dream home, but it is a dream compared to the apartment.


My latest news is that I have been fitted for a hearing aid and will be getting it in one week. Most of you are probably really confused by this, I’ll explain it all when everything is finalized.


Z recently graduated 2nd grade and completed his final year in the building he has gone to since Kindergarten.

last day

They tore the old building down immediately after school ended and now there is just a bunch of rubble that needs to be moved out of the way to give access to the new building that the students will go to in the fall.


SJ graduated Kindergarten and is currently in summer school. Some of you from Facebook were praying that she would qualify for funding and miraculously she did. So thank you all for the prayers.




Not much is new with Ezie. I think he is enjoying having the siblings around more now that school is out.




Elle is about to turn 7 months!


She is eating, sitting, and partially crawling!!! She just got her second tooth on Saturday. Oh my goodness she has changed so much. Cuter than ever though.

I think that’s pretty gets us pretty close to caught up. I will go ahead and sign off for now, but the good news is just like the Terminator “I’ll be back”.