***Edited*** I would consider this a family friendly blog. And I like to think that my readers could have young children looking over their shoulders without having to worry about seeing a close up of some gal’s rear end in a bikini. So I have edited this post to include this disclaimer just in case anyone would like a heads up. I never post graphic content, but due to the nature of this post there are a few photos of some scantily clad women. So there’s that. ****





It’s swimsuit season! Yay!!! *excuse my sarcasm* So I was checking out suits online at Aerie (American Eagle lingerie and apparel) and this model caught my eye today.


I’ve never known American Eagle to feature plus size girls, but this swimsuit model looks a tiny bit closer to what the average woman’s body looks like. I know this shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but I have seen a lot swimsuit ads over the years and rarely do I see a woman that has any curves except sometimes in the chest, which is the opposite of what I see at the beach. I wanted to give a standing ovation for diversity. Way to go American Eagle for showing how there are gorgeous models that aren’t a size zero.

Except, the way it works on this particular website is when you hold the cursor over an image it shows the back of the garment. I am scrolling through the online catalogue and I see the front side of the model and the back. Front. Back. Front. Back. There are dozens of swimsuits. Then I stop at one image in particular because I see the front and then where did she go? 



Um. Either that’s a different girl, or they photoshopped the crap out of her. In their defense they did have a shot of her back on a different swimsuit. 


I hate to be picky, but this was the only model whose size drastically changed from one photo to another. Why? Maybe it was an honest mistake and all the photos of her in that swimsuit from the back were underexposed or something? I doubt it.

On the one hand I am happy to see a model that isn’t rail thin. On the other hand why is she represented so differently than all the other models? It makes me sad. It’s like they want to encourage women of different body types, but they are only willing to go so far.

I’m too old for American Eagle’s target demographic anyway, but on behalf of girls of all sizes thanks for featuring a curvy model. I think we would all like to see even more of that. Now how about taking it a step further and having her model the front AND back of the swimsuit?