Happy St. Patrick’s day. I never remember this holiday and this is the first year I dressed my kids in green. That’s actually not true at all. They dressed themselves. Including SJ who apparently does not own one single piece of green clothing except for this hand me down flower girl dress.


I guess that means fancy dress it is! The kids were so excited about this day that at the last minute I made a shamrock for SJ’s lunch using a green apple and kiwi.


SJ loves green apples and kiwi are her favorite, so this is not just about aesthetics. It will be eaten!

Yesterday was a busy day. I had a doctors appointment with my GP and then we met with the geneticist at the hospital after that. All of this hearing loss stuff has always been about my daughters, but now that I am in the mix thank to the genetic testing it is allowing me to pursue getting some real help with my hearing problem. I will have my first ENT visit on Monday and maybe I’ll get a hearing aid after that. According to my test results I only have a 65% word recognition in my left ear and 80% in my right. So if I ever laugh at something that was not supposed to be a joke or say you’re welcome when you didn’t say thank you, now you understand why. It’s a serious problem that I have just learned to live with, but I am looking forward to finally getting to the bottom of it!

So there has been a lot going on plus we’re about to travel to Texas for spring break. I say all of this to warn you that I might not be blogging as much for a while. I will still be here and I will still be writing, but actually some of my latest writing time hasn’t been on the blog because  I am currently working on two books. I rattle that off like it’s nothing, but I’ve never written a book before. So it is definitely something, but who knows what will come of it.

Anyway I just wanted to touch base in case it looks like I have fallen off the grid for a while, but it may not even be that big of a deal. Time will tell.

Have a great weekend.