It’s that time of year again. I don’t do anything major for Valentine’s day. I usually manage to grab 90% off Valentine’s for 30 cents after February 14th and save them for the following year. That’s what we are doing again this year. However, I do have an appreciation for those that like to come up with cute things for class parties and such. Here are some of the adorable little expressions of “LOVE” that Z came home with last year.


First off, all of his valentines were in this fun bear box that he decorated. I love how it says “Valantimes Day” and he also wrote “Box of Love” on it. Too cute.


He also wrote little messages to me on a paper in a felt fortune cookie. I don’t know what room mom did all the work behind these, but they were in a Chinese food take out box and they turned out adorable.




Then there was this alphabet that Z wrote with the I, O, and U all in red, but the O is a heart. This little treasure is so special to me.


This next Valentine is from Z’s teacher. To think that she took time to cut out 21 hearts and write out an acrostic with affirming words for each student. Wow. It’s simple and inexpensive, but really speaks volumes. Such a sweet gift (and excuse the chocolate stain in the corner, that was from a different valentine).


I thought this was clever. I have no idea where you would find these ninja chopsticks in bulk, but the “Hiyah Valentine” is so cool. This Valentine was from one of guys in Z’s class.

All of these crafty sentiments are sweet, but this next Valentine really takes the cake in my opinion. Props to her mom for letting her do her own unique creative thing. I removed the name by the way.


It’s simply a piece of paper glued to construction paper and written on with the classic 1st grade handwriting. She even included Z’s desk number. “Nuber3”. Isn’t that great?

The best part of all though was when I noticed that she had cleverly repurposed some old paper that was maybe attached to a prescription drug or something. It says “keep out of reach of children” and list side effects. I cracked up when I saw that. I am not making fun of it at all, it’s totally something I would have done when I was a kid. I often would find whatever I could from around the house and just CREATE. I tell ya, this girl is going to do great things. I love it!
So those were my fave 1st grade Valentine’s from last year. Z’s 2nd grade class party is tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what he comes home with this time.