1454438056018I am seriously pumped about being a part of the Trigger’s launch team. The book Triggers by Amber Lia and Wendy Speake is all about exchanging parents’ angry reactions for gentle biblical responses. Sounds like something I could use a refresher on. You all may remember my 31 day series “Teachable Parenting” where I covered many of the parenting philosophies from the books Love and Logic, Wild Things, and Loving Our Kids on Purpose. Well, this book goes hand and hand with those same principles.

What I love about the Triggers book though is that it’s written by MOMS  (the other books are all men and they can only relate to a certain point ya know?). Because the authors of Triggers are experienced mothers they know you don’t have time to sit down and read lengthy chapters siting all kinds of scientific studies laced with pediatric psychologic jargon. Instead it is just to the point on a topic by topic basis. They cover the most common areas that can trigger anger in your home. This is especially great when you are looking for an answer to a specific incident in you life. For example when running late has been your latest trigger, you can check out the table of contents and head right over to that part of the book to glean some wisdom. This is a real life example by the way. The running late and video games chapters in particular were so helpful to me at the very moment that I needed them most.

I also love that they quote scripture and keep Christ and his teachings at the center of it all. If you have a problem with your child’s back talk you might feel like it’s something people in the Bible never dealt with, and certainly not Jesus, but that’s not true. Each chapter will point out how God has given us direction for these parenting challenges from trivial debates to monumental blow ups. Then each chapter closes with a prayer and the authors are both women of prayer. They are praying over this whole project and the parents that are picking up this book.

I could give you quote after quote that jumped out to me. For example here is one from Wendy that I can totally relate to

Though I’ve often felt like a failure, I’m starting to see my quiver of strong-willed arrows as a blessing. Because when all is said and done, and the beauty of His plan for their lives bears fruit, I won’t be able to take any credit myself. I think I would have been proud for the way they turned out if it had been easier. But as it is… they belong to Him. From conception to completion, all His. And there’s nothing left for me to do, but trust Him!

The exciting news is I have a copy from Wendy and Amber that I get to give away to one of you! Sign up for your chance to win and I’ll send the book to your doorstep. The contest will last for the rest of this week and on through the weekend. I’ll touch base with you if your name is picked.

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Triggers was just released yesterday and is already a number one best seller of Amazon’s Christian Family books. Go grab your copy today.