I don’t have a lot to report. It’s been a long emotional 4 weeks since learning of Elle’s hearing loss. I feel like I have come full circle emotionally and I’m back to being okay. I might go through another wave of adjustment when I learn more at the end of the month (after her ENT and audiology appointments). For now though, I am doing well.

Elle is great.


She did have a little ear infection and had to go on antibiotics, which stinks. I have never had a baby that young on any kind of medication at all. When I was giving her the amoxicillin one day the kids asked why she needs medicine. I told them it was because she had an ear infection and Z said “WHAT!? She’s deaf?” I said “No.” and before I could even get another word out they started running off to the next thing. I was prepared to explain more and tell him that she is not deaf, but she is hard of hearing and what that could potentially mean and how none of it actually has anything to do with having an ear infection. I figure we’ll let them know at the end of the month when we get these critical appointments out of the way.

As far as the other developmental milestones Elle is really chill.


She is awake more often these days, but still sleeps a lot. She is starting to coo just a teeny tiny little bit and she’ll smile for us every once in a while.


We had a meeting with the early intervention specialists and they decided to add an occupational therapist along with the speech therapist. I am not thrilled about this. She is developing fine, but they said she is borderline delayed with the way her hands stay balled in a fist and she could use a little more neck control. They aren’t concerned, but they feel like it would give her a little boost. For now I agreed to the therapy (mostly because I am a big wuss). We’ll see how it goes. My goal is to interfere as little as possible and just let her be a baby.


That’s really all the updates. I should have more info  in a couple weeks.