I wanted to do a full blown photoshoot of SJ and I with our new haircuts, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. It gets dark so early and we’re all busy with the Holidays and what not. Anyway, enough yackin’. How about I just show what photos I do have?

I know this is a “fancy” look, but it’s probably one of the best ones I have that shows the previous length.


And here is SJ’s before. If she tilted her head back her hair would touch her butt. It was long (except for the part she cut herself which, is almost grown out. Ugh.).


And here is my after photo.




and here are a couple of SJ after.


We went to separate places, but on the same day. It was a special mommy daughter event and she really loved every bit of it.

I’m not sure if we will maintain the new looks or just do what we usually do, which is let it grow and grow. For now it’s it definitely makes getting ready in the mornings much easier.

So those are our haircuts. I’m sure I’ll have some better photos when we’re dressed up for Christmas. When I do get more photos I will make sure I don’t keep them to myself.