We packed in a lot of activity this past weekend I think it almost sent me into labor!

Friday morning I volunteered at Z’s school for Pumpkin Math.


I was in charge of leading a small group of kids through various hands on math problems that involved predicting, measuring, weighing, carving, and gutting a pumpkin.


The seeds were sent home with all the leaders to roast and send back in for the kids on Monday. It was my first time roasting pumpkin seeds, but I plan to do it again!


Right after leaving Z’s school I went to the Halloween party at SJ’s school. By this time I was already getting a little tired and achey, but I’ve gone every year she’s been at her school so I’m glad I got to participate again.


After that we went home and I frantically got all dressed up just in time to turn around and hit the town with J for our anniversary/baby moon. I wore a black lace dress that was a rental from Bella Gravida. The tags were still on it when it came in the mail.


We originally wanted to go on our first cruise for our 15th anniversary, until we found out that we would be having a baby instead. So we had to take things down a notch and that’s okay. Being together is really what matters to us. Getting to wear a fancy new dress doesn’t hurt either.

Before our date would officially begin we had to stop by the birth center to go over some final details and paperwork with them because as of today I AM FULL TERM! This means I could go into labor any minute and go straight to the birth center. That doesn’t mean that I will (Thank goodness! I am not ready yet). It’s still such an exciting thresh hold to have crossed and I feel like things are really starting to line up!

After our appointment we went to the Cheesecake Factory. This was significant because the last time we ate there was the night we found out we were pregnant.

The next day was spent walking around, shopping, eating and just enjoying being alone. I think the last time we did an overnight was very similar circumstances when Ezie was about to be born, and that was three years ago. So we were thrilled to have the opportunity and soaked up every minute of it.


The only thing that was a bit stressful about our relaxing getaway was that I had a slight concern that I might actually be going into labor. So we downloaded a contraction timer app and got to spend some of our afternoon practicing timing contractions while shopping. Luckily it ended up being a false alarm.

Lastly, we still managed to squeeze in trunk or treat with the kids that night. They had a great time and walked away with far too much candy!


That’s the weekend in a nutshell. I’m so glad it all coincided with turning the clocks back. We needed that extra hour.