getting to school on time

This is a repost that I wrote a couple years ago, but it’s a great reminder for me and it might be helpful to some of you. I have mentioned that my number one goal for this school year is to get my kids to and from school on time!

Maybe for you it’s get to the bus stop, or get to church, or go to work on time. I don’t claim to be an expert, but when I actually do implement these tips they really work. So here it is my 5 tips to get there on time (originally posted on September 11, 2013).

1. Time yourself

In order to know how much time you need, you need to know how much time you take.
When I had my second child I was shocked by how difficult it was to be even close to on time. So for a while I set a timer each morning and then stopped it when we were leaving. I was shocked to see how much one little newborn changed our routine, but once I was realistic about it I gave myself more time to get to where I needed to go and we were back on track.

Time how long you spend getting ready in the morning then write down your typical schedule. Once you see the pattern you can plan your mornings and set your alarms accordingly.



2. Dress to the shoes

This is a Fly Lady thing, but it’s helpful. She will tell you to get fully dressed including your lace up shoes. She even advises you to do your hair and makeup so you feel motivated and in the zone. When you are in your pjs and socks you feel comfy and lazy. This doesn’t mean you have to get all dolled up. Trust me. I usually look like a bad tabloid photo most days, but I do like to get myself ready first and have some solitude while the little ones are still in bed. Then I wake the kids up. I think of it like securing my life jacket before assisting a minor.

3. Set everything out the night before

Last year before SJ started school I posted a question on Facebook for advice on the matter of getting up early and getting to school on time. “Have everything ready and laid out the night before” was the most popular suggestion I received. I am going to work on it.


4. Give yourself extra time

Something unexpected always happens. You may have to go back to the house because your child forgot their backpack. Or maybe you can’t find your keys at the last minute because the lining of your purse has a hole in it and your keys slipped in there to become a part of some secret society. Or who knows you could even arrive at school to find that your child took both shoelaces out of her shoes and retied them into a the most intricate of knots that not even a high ranking boy scout could undo. These are real life examples here. When you have done #1 and timed yourself add 10 minutes to whatever amount of time you have concluded you need for each task.


When I asked for advice on Facebook last year the best tip I received was in all caps it said “DO NOT HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON”. This is critical!

Comedian  Jim Gaffigan jokes

“The snooze bar is a wonderful invention. Nothing like starting the day off with a little procrastination! As my first decision of the day I will go back to bed.”

*The snooze bar bit begins at 3:54*

Not to get all serious, but his snooze bar joke did get me thinking. Do I really want to spend the first 30 minute of my day in a groggy debate with myself about whether or not I have more time to sleep? Maybe you can’t think of a better gift to yourself than hitting snooze and that’s cool. I like to think of the snooze bar like a real bar. Some people can go to the bar and have a drink and it’s a delightful little treat. Other people go to the bar to have a drink and wake up the next day with an enormous headache and a hideous pair of celtic boots they paid a gypsy $700 for (true story from my neighbor). I think I am a snoozaholic and saying no to the snooze last year made all the difference in getting to school on time.



Alright ladies, or should I say “late-ies”, he he. That’s all the tips I’ve got for you today, but feel free to share your own. I’m still a work in progress myself.