I am really hoping to start the link up next month. So get your embarrassing, quirky, odd, or laughable stories ready for when the Tuesday Look Back and Laugh Link Up begins. I’m shooting for July 14th, but I’ll keep you posted. For now I am just going to continue to share memories of my own and since we are in the thick of VBS season I thought I would recycle this story from back when I was involved in VBS.

We were in the planning stages of the VBS production and knew that we were going to go with a camping theme. The children’s pastor at the time suggested “Camping Gone Wild”. Keep in mind this story happened about 10 years ago when the disgusting pornographic “Girls Gone Wild” empire was a big newsworthy business. So we decided against using anything “gone wild” for church promotional material and we went with “The Great Camping Adventure” instead.


That’s me as one of the camping hillbillies.

To go along with the camping theme the kids were divided up by age groups and each group had a forest animal name like, skunk, raccoon, or owl. Every night when the children’s pastor was trying to rile up the kids he would say things like “Are there any skunks in the house?” and the kids would scream. One time when addressing the owl team he said “Let’s hear it for the HOOOOTERS!” he caught himself and immediately corrected it by saying owls, after his face turned completely red. The kids didn’t even notice (which is quite refreshing to know there is still some innocence left in the world). The adults on the other hand couldn’t hold back the laughter.