I will have to do a separate post explaining why this pregnancy (my 4th) will also more than likely be my last. It has always been my preference that I would know when I was done having children so that I could really go out with a bang. What can I say? I like closure. So this is the end of a child birthing era for me and I want to finish in style.

These days my style usually consists of jeans, a t-shirt, Toms, no makeup, and a messy bun. That’s not to say that there aren’t occasions that I do try to coordinate just a little bit. Those are the outfits I’ll be focusing on for What I Wore Wednesday.

This shear pink striped top was featured in a previous WIWW last summer, only this time I added a belt and paired it with some comfy black leggings and flats. The first trimester can be tricky because you are’t quite “showing”, but if you are like me you certainly aren’t fitting in your regular clothes. That’s why I was all about large tops and leggings these past couple months.

Next up I have the same outfit I wore for my profile pic. This shirt is NOT maternity, but I always feel like I look pregnant when I wear it, so I finally just packed it up with my maternity clothes. I am also wearing some Old Navy maternity skinny jeans that I LOVE and my fave pair of Gap sandals.

Oh, and I have to mention my little side kick sporting his Wal-Mart jammies. He always likes to copy me when we do these shoots.

Lastly, it’s back to leggings with a big shirt. On the left I am wearing a dress from the Gap (I consider it more of a shirt though!). On the right is a “Pinned it Spinned it” outfit which I had posted on Instagram. A lot of these clothes I wore to camouflage my big secret, but now the secrets out and it’s a good thing because my bump is less and less conspicuous everyday!

So those are some of the highlights from the first trimester. Now that the weather is warming up it’s probably going to be summer dresses for the win. I’ll have another installment of What I Wore Wednesday maternity edition further down the road.


That’s all for now!