There are a lot of photos on my phone. Most of them never get posted anywhere. Some of them are pretty strange too. Especially if you don’t know the story behind it. That’s why I decided to pick 5 random phone photos and see if you can figure out for yourself just what in the world is going on in these photos. Or maybe I’ll just tell you. I hope you’ll have fun with this as I introduce my first installment of…

What is going on in this one is pretty obvious. Batman is sitting in his highchair watching cartoons. This is not an abnormal occurrence in our home.


My parents humungous cat is laying on the dog bed.



SJ is wearing my knee high boots with her pajamas and they fit perfectly!




Speaking of pajamas, I came into the living room one day to find that Ezie had started up the Yoga DVD and was doing his morning workout.
Here are some bonus shots I took while spying on him.


Hey, sometimes I need to grab the console for balance too. There’s no shame in that.
He’s a little behind Rodney here in the upward dog position.
Lastly, the warrior pose. Namaste.



What is going on in this picture is “Discreet bladder protection”. I had J pick up some pads from the store and let’s just say you should never send a man to do a woman’s job.

So those are my 5. Show me what you’ve got by posting one of your random phone outtakes on instagram along with the hashtag #whatisgoingoninthispicture. That is not a one of kind hashtag, but  if you tag @messymom I’ll know what it’s about. If you don’t have Instagram feel free to share with me on Facebook, Twitter, or via email. I’ll pick one to post on the blog along with a shout out next month when we do another round of #WhatIsGoingOnInThisPicture?


Now go check that photo stream!