Two of my latest attempts at tweeting were some of my thoughts about Toy Story.

I just love Toy Story. The whole series is phenomenal if you ask me. I suppose the reason some of it is sentimental is because when I saw Toy Story 1 in the theater (multiple times) as a girl I had no idea that I would be seeing the prequel in the theater with my son 15 years later. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect with how it all landed. 

Part of SJ’s birthday tea party is inspired by the movie in a way. Remember the scene in the first movie where Sid’s sister finds Buzz and he ends up dress up as the Mrs. Nesbit character “suckin’ down Darjeeling with Marie Antoinette and her little sisters”?

Well, I don’t on plan on having a one armed space ranger at the tea party, but I knew I wanted some of SJ’s toys to be special guests along with her friends. First I had to decide which ones (because it is a surprise). Her Brave doll she got when she was two was definitely a contender, but she lost all her clothes,and that’s not the kind of party we are going for. Some other toys were too big or too small to really fit in at the table so I narrowed it down to the final three and I think SJ will be really happy when she sees them at her party!

First off Minnie Mouse

If you watched the video about SJ’s winter program then you know why Minnie was a front runner.

Second was the flower bunny.

When we went to Vermont last summer SJ carried this floppy bunny around the whole time!

She became super attached, but it wasn’t her bunny. So when we flew back to Ohio they had to part ways. Shortly after that she found this bunny for 50 cents at a yard sale and so it became the rebound bunny. As with most of her stuffed animals  SJ likes to dress it up in her clothes. I didn’t have a problem until I noticed her underwear supply seemed really low. I finally figured it out one day when I decided to undress all of the stuffed animals and realized all of them were wearing panties under their clothes. She’s thorough!  So anyway all of that to say flower rebound bunny will definitely have a place at the table.

Lastly, dolly.

SJ received this doll for her third birthday, just after her second CI surgery. It was a gift from my Michigan friend, the one that made all those cupcakes for her first birthday. Dolly is very special
because she was hand made by my best friend and delivered with love in a time that best friends (and aunties) are needed most. SJ has already dined with dolly on several occasions. She’s too floppy to sit up on her own, so SJ cleverly props her up by slipping Dolly’s legs inside a tissue box. I couldn’t imagine the tea party without this little rag doll.  

I know it’s creepy for a grown woman to talk so emotionally about dolls and stuffed toys, but obviously this is for my daughter. To me they are just toys. You know, child’s stuff…

Okay, fine! I’ll admit it. I have had a little too much fun planning this tea party. It definitely makes me feel like a kid again. I think we could all stand to have a little more child like imagination from time to time.

What about you? Did you have a favorite toy/lovie growing up? How about your children?