I know this might be confusing because I just announced my first guest post a couple weeks ago, but this time I am the guest.

This is my first time getting to share on another blog and I am so honored and just giddy over the whole opportunity. Thank you so much to Holly Barrett for featuring this post for today’s Testimony Tuesday.

 I hope it touches people’s hearts. It has been an emotional experience to step out and share and I felt the Lord healing broken parts of me as I wrote it.

Here is a just a little excerpt from what you will find on Holly Barrett’s blog today:

” I picture my [future] self as a very experienced, mature woman that has more
wisdom than I do now. The woman who has made it to the other side of this
journey. The woman who’s finally somehow arrived?  She will share my testimony.
 So when Holly put out inquiries for submitting
guest posts I didn’t think it applied to me. I don’t have a testimony, or the
one I do have isn’t ready. I’m just trying to stay afloat in the storm.
the Lord spoke to my heart and showed me that I am in fact a testimony of His
grace, His provision, His faithfulness, His forgiveness, and His patience as I

To read the rest please visit Holly Barrett .org