The weather this week has gotten so bad that the Harlan Kentucky police department put out a warrant for Queen Elsa’s arrest. A massive storm has dropped more than a foot of snow over the past few days and yesterday the temperatures hardly ever got above 0! That’s not the norm for this area. Being a Kentucky girl myself, I thought it was awesome that the police updated their Facebook with

“Suspect is a blonde female last seen wearing a long blue dress and is known to burst into song “Let it Go!”  As you can see by the weather she is very dangerous.”

Seriously though, winter is one of my favorite times of year, but I understand why it isn’t all that popular when February and March roll around. Sure Elsa’s tag line is “the cold never bothered me anyway” but she was obviously in denial when she sang that song. I don’t care who you are, eventually the cold gets old!

Nonetheless, we can’t change the fact that there is still technically one month left before the spring equinox (March 20th) and if I remember correctly the ground hog did see his shadow. So let’s make the most of it! Here are is my personal list of…

1. You aren’t likely to get sweaty which is nice
for a lot of reasons.

2. You can keep your groceries or leftovers in your
car for long lengths of time because they will stay refrigerated.
3. Boots. Scarfs. Hats. Boot socks. Anything knitted. Leather coats. Wool sweaters. Trapper hats. Flannel. I could just do a list of 21 things that are exclusively winter fashion related.
4. The sheer joy and nostalgia of watching children experience a snow day!
5. Less skin is showing in winter. I know this
means there are lot of guys and gals that are just devastated that they
can’t  show/see butt cheeks and cleavage, but I personally DO NOT miss that
part of the warm weather.
6. On a similar note, no worries if you are pale and out of shape, this is NOT swimsuit season.

7. Winter Sports. If it’s cold and not snowy where
you are then this won’t apply, but just think of all the ways to stay active
that you can’t do in the warm weather; snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, snowshoeing,
and more!
8. Running your heater in your car is cheaper than running the AC or driving with windows down when it’s hot out. Same thing if you have a fireplace to keep your house warmed up!
9.  Hot chocolate, chai lattes, hot toddies, peppermint mochas,
and whatever warm drink you enjoy.

10. You
know how to dress each day. I love springtime, but don’t you hate those
in-between season when you start the day in a sweater and boots, but by 1:00 pm
you are absolutely burning up? Or when the weather changes so frequently that you can’t really plan ahead or easily pack for a trip.



11. No pesky bugs to shoo away.

12.  Short daylight hours means that kids settle
down and go to bed earlier than when it’s 9:00 pm and still sunny out so you
are trying to convince them that IT IS NIGHT TIME and they need to sleep! 

13. It’s the perfect opportunity to cuddle  up with the ones you love.

14. Favorite chili or soup season.   

15.  Whether it’s rough roads, snow days, or just nasty out you are forced to slow down and take it easy. Sometimes we need that extra incentive.

16.  It’s not HOT! When it’s 99 degrees out you’ll think about winter and either miss the cold, or at least stop whining about the heat. 

17.  It’s a season of hope, because you hope it will end soon right? 

18.  Less yard work

19.  A time for a relaxing with two of my favorite things, soaking in a hot bath and then curling up with a good book.

20. Some
amazing vegetables are in season this time of year like parsnips, leeks and chard.

21. Humidity
hair is not an issue and those rosy cheeks are cuter than any blush money can buy. 

I could keep going, but I was originally stopping at 20, so I am definitely cutting it off now. I hope this list is helpful for all those suffering through these final winter weeks. Hang in there and try to look on the bright side even if the bright side is an overcast cloudy day.