I’ll admit that more times that not I fall short when it comes to accomplishing what I set out to do at the beginning of the year. On the other hand there are some really significant changes that I have made amongst all of those New Year’s resolutions. For example, for several years I had “read” (or read more, or read x amount of books etc.) as one of my resolutions. I just wanted to get into the pattern of reading, but it was often easier said than done. This is one of the first years I did not add reading to my list because I feel like I now have successfully made a habit out of it.

In all of the reading I have done this past year I haven’t blogged much about any of the books other than the parenting ones that were a part of my 31 day series. This week I want to change that and actually discuss some of my thoughts on certain books. Now. I am no critique, so don’t expect something too polished or professional. I often read these eloquently delivered reviews that are as thoughtfully written as the novels themselves. Not going to happen here.

One thing I do feel like I can offer that you may not find elsewhere is the rating for how clean the content is. I hate looking for a new book only to have a bunch of foul language and smutty content crammed into every other page. The only way I have really seen to get around this is when someone I know has already read the book. So, maybe I can be that someone for you. Or maybe you could be that someone for me! Please let me know what you are reading or plan on reading this year. Or feel free to suggest all time favorites. Even though I tend to lean toward non fiction I have ventured out a bit recently and I welcome any suggestions.

Here are the 10 I will be touching on over the next few days-

1. A year without sugar  

2. The fault in our stars 

3. Divergent 

4. Glitter and glue

5. Unbroken

6. Bossy pants 

7. The Time Traveler’s Wife

8. Seven

9. Call the Midwife Shadows of the Workhouse 

10. Surprised By Motherhood 

Tomorrow I’ll dive into what I thought about these books, but now it’s your turn.

I REALLY wants some ideas about what to read for 2015. Let’s Go!