I am at my parent’s house doing Christmas with my family so I’ll keep this tutorial brief, which should be easy since it’s SO simple. 

All you need to make this cute little reindeer is:
Chocolate Mini Donuts
A tube of white frosting
Red M&M’s (which you can pull out of a bag of assorted M&Ms)
I don’t have pictures of the process, but you just put three drops of white frosting. Two for the eyes and one in the donut hole to keep Rudolph’s nose in place. Then you break the pretzels up into the shape of antlers and stick them in the sides of the donut. Easy right? 
The kid’s had so much fun with this project. Although it was hard to keep Rudolph’s nose on since the M&M’s are so appealing. 
I also used them as a decorative treat in the teacher baskets I gave out a couple years ago. 
The bag of cookies behind Rudolph is actually Ande’s mint cookies

These photos are from previous Christmases, but I do plan on making the reindeer donuts again this year. Maybe, for the school’s winter program, or the Santa pajama party, or just for fun at home. I am not sure yet, but Christmas has been so great so far and we still have so much more to come! It’s the most wonderful time of the year…