Slight change of plans. No more pinnable days of Christmas.
I posted 8 crafts/recipes and it has been such a hit. I love that stuff. And
even though I have already written some drafts and taken photos for the final
days of the series, it still takes a lot of work to get the whole thing up and
finalized. I planned on having the series concluded by this time, but I just bit off
more than I could chew and I am in vacation mode now (not to mention way sicker than I wanted to be for Christmas). I will still finish what
I started and I even want to add some to it, but it’s going to have to be put on hold until
next year.
As for this year, the Holidays have been wonderful so far.
Right now we are in Texas enjoying Christmas break with my in laws and we
already celebrated with my family last weekend. Here are some photos of the
recent activities.
We went to the Cincinnati Union Terminal museum with some friends and saw their spectacular Holiday train display. 
The kids rode on a train and we even bumped into Santa. 

 We also spent the night at my parents house to celebrate with my side of the family.

I as grinning from ear to ear the whole time we unwrapped presents.

We completely trashed the living room, but it was just a beautiful time of sharing, laughter, and surprises. 
I love Christmas more than ever now that I have children that get to experience it all with fresh wonder and excitement.   

That night we had a simple meal together followed by the kids “vegging” out on Veggie Tales Christmas specials. 

While they did that the adults played a game called “Wits and Wagers”. If you like Balderdash, Apples to Apples, or party games like that, then I recommend it. We had were just cracking up. It was a blast. 

We also made gingerbread houses with the kids. Full credit to my sister in law (shown below in the red scarf). All of my attempts literally crumbled, but she threw these together like a boss. 

That’s just a glimpse at what has been happening. I hope to check in with more updates soon! I hope everyone else is having a blessed season.