As a follow up to “4 Year Old Funnies” and “Laugh-out-loud conversations with Z” I am pleased to announce the third installment of quotes from my oldest son that made me smile last year. His mix ups have matured as he has grown. At the age of six he definitely has a deeper understanding of things, but there are a lot of words that he has started using that he may not be entirely sure of the meaning yet. It makes for a good laugh.

1.  Z was trying to get out of eating the meal I had served and using every distraction possible he started telling me how much he loved me and I said Show me you love me by finishing your dinner and he replied “I don’t think that’s love. I think that’s generous”


2. Me: I’ve had enough! You guys have got to quit fighting. I mean it!!!
     Z: Mom, are you going to obliterate us?
3. Z to his baby brother “Ezie, you sure are a keeper today”
Which is nice, but let’s hope that he’s a keeper tomorrow too.
4. Me: Why are you eating a cookie before dinner!?
     Z: Because I am unpredictable.
5. After Z overheard me talking about my Toyota he approached me with a look of astonishment and said “I didn’t know that you had a Toy Yoda! Can I see it!?
6. After Z spent quite some time texting his dad back and forth J had to get back to his online classes. Z continued to text and was genuinely concerned when he didn’t get a response.
7. Something I overheard at the playground. I will spell it the way he said it to give the full effect, but for the record Z has eczema.Little boy: Do you have asthma?
Z: No, it’s eggs-ma
Little boy: Oh

8. Z thinking out loud in the car says “I wish I were a Peregrine Falcon”. Then a few seconds later, I am assuming after he imagined what life would be like he added “That could play the wii”.Yes, that would be the ultimate life.

9. One of our favorite holidays- Thanks Given
10. Lastly, as seen on Facebook 

We had our first appointment with a new Doctor and they have to ask all kinds of routine questions and Z wanted to chime in on ALL of them! I could go on and on, but here is just one example:
Nurse (to me): Do you have any relationships where you have been threatened?
Me: No.
Z: Yes, you have.
Me: Z what are you talking about!?
Z: I have threatened you, but you told me I’m not allowed.
Me: You mean when you say something like “I am not going to go to bed if you don’t let me watch another movie” and I tell you not to threaten me?
Z: Yes.
Nurse: She’s right. You shouldn’t threaten your mother.

Those are the ones I wrote down or could remember. He brings us so much joy. It’s been another great year. Thanks Z.