I couldn’t possibly squeeze all of the beautiful scenery, joyful laughter, and peaceful refuge that we found the week we spent in Michigan, but for now I will sum it all up in the tradition of my weekly summer updates starting with

1. Lake

We spent most of our time on Lake Huron which we jokingly referred to as the ocean because other than the lack of salty flavor it definitely felt like we were seaside on the beaches of East Tawas. I felt just as exhilarated as the kids did with each crashing wave that stole a layer of sand out from under my feet.

We went to a couple different beaches, but I was satisfied with the first one we pulled up to upon arrival. It’s pretty cool when your best friends own a house and a coffee shop right next to such breath taking views.

2. Boat

Our friends also own two kayaks and we were so determined to get out on the river with them that after practicing paddling in the driveway we decided we could fit the children in the boats with us and we went for it. 

I only have iPhone photos since I wouldn’t dare bring my camera out there, but man it was gorgeous. Just an absolutely amazing evening. 

I love seeing wildlife even if it’s as simple as a worm or a squirrel. On this little exertion we spotted a deer, bats, duck families, and a rabbit.

3. Kite

Taking our power kite to the beach was like bringing it to it’s home land. It fit in so well there among the other kiters. 

It was like a baby though compared to the kites that are used for kite boarding. 

I have heard of this sport from my friends and considered it on my vacation bucket list to get to watch it. I heard that these guys were beginners, but I was impressed nonetheless.

4. Fair

One of my favorite evenings spent in Michigan was surprisingly the night we went to the county fair. 

I got the hugest kick out of watching Ezie and SJ take in all the sights, tastes, and rides. 

Although they did crash pretty hard when the party was over it was fun while it lasted and don’t let me pretend that I didn’t have some nostalgic fun. You see that ride in the middle? 

 I was worried it would be a little too wimpy for me. How much of a thrill could you get going round and round? I even vocalized my suspensions when I didn’t even see real seat belts in the carts. Hoooooowever, when the ride started going and picking up speed and my body was smashing all of it’s weight and then some into my Michigan friend I knew I was in for a thrill. I screamed at the top of my lungs and laughed hysterically for no reason. A little drool slips out of the side of my mouth as my cheeks flapped toward my ears with force. I worried that the drool that slid off of my face had surely landed on my best friend who was crying beside me. Oh well, we were stuck now. Eventually the weight of the speed forced my head to collapse onto her shoulder. Well, if we weren’t close before we certainly were now! I will not forget that ride anytime soon. It will be a couple years before I am due for another adrenaline rush like that.

5. Sand

I know sand goes hand and hand with lake, but it deserves it’s own category since we have spent so much time playing in the sand this summer, especially in Michigan. 

My only complaint is the frequent cigarette butts. Bleh. Major pet peeve. Come on people! Nature is not an ashtray!

6. State parks

We went to multiple state parks that each had their own unique feel. One night we grilled under the light of the lighthouse. 

At another park we saw the history of the lumberjack 

Then there was sunset after beautiful sunset.

and every place we went was a new discovery that just made us want more Michigan, more outdoors, more America.

I can’t believe we were blessed with a vacation like this right when I least expected it. I feel so refreshed and am eagerly looking forward to this next season now that summer is nearly over (Hello August!). This vacation destination is definitely one I will look forward to revisiting though and in the mean time I’ll be a walking brochure for anyone interested in what Pure Michigan is all about.