Z started 1st grade on Tuesday the 19th. 
J praying over Z before school.

I took a couple photos on his way out the door, but I saved what I considered his “first day outfit” with his new shoes and clothes for Thursday because I wanted to get pics of him and his sister together and SJ didn’t start until Thursday. 
I wasn’t too emotional dropping him off since this is his second year at this school and he’s been ready for first grade for a while now. However I did get teary eyed after we bumped into Mrs. B, his kindergarten teacher from last year. She enthusiastically greeted us as we approached the building. Then she began talking to a mom who has multiple children that have had Mrs. B as a teacher. I overheard Mrs. B say “well, I hope you don’t miss seeing me too much”. Then the mom said, well there is always next year! Chloe will be going into Kindergarten” That’s when it hit me that SJ will be in Kindergarten next year and she will not have Mrs. B. It was one of those weird mom moments that I can’t explain because I love the deaf school that SJ goes to and there is no doubt that she will have an amazing kindergarten teacher. If it wasn’t for SJ we wouldn’t live here and have the privilege of knowing Mrs. B at all. So it doesn’t make sense for me to get choked up, but it was a little tear for the reminder that our lives are a bit different than most. No big deal though. 

As far as SJ’s first day she did great. 
She was at the school most of the summer anyway so it’s not a huge transition other than teachers and it’s a much longer day. This year will be the same as last except new teachers, a new classmate, and no nap time. I think there are about  40 children in the school total which includes from babies up to 2nd grade. Half of those children are in preschool with SJ and in her specific speech class there are only TWO children. She has a new partner this year, but it is a little girl she knew from last year. 
 I haven’t had much time to get to know their teachers yet, but I can tell that both Z and SJ both have warm, caring, inspiring teachers again this year. Praise the Lord! 

Transportation is a little different this time around because we will NOT be using the bus. I thought maybe SJ would ride the bus this year, but I had some reservations and in the end it didn’t work schedule wise. SJ’s school begins at 8:30 and Z is at 9:00. They are only 6 minutes apart so this works out perfectly for me to drop them off. However, SJ gets out at 3:30 and Z school gets out at 3:55. This should be fine, except their pick up system at Z’s school is weird. I have to park the car walk in and sign him out everyday and get out the door before the buses load. That is why they want you there at 3:40 which is cutting it close. Last year I conceded and had him ride the bus, which I wasn’t too worried about since Kindergartners are kept separate from the rest of the school, but this year I am determined to make it work so that I can bring him myself. I feel good about this decision, but there have already been some struggles like SJ throwing a fit and refusing to go into Z’s school. Or in a couple weeks when they are closing the road to SJ’s school for a while which will double my commute! I’m brainstorming what the plan for that will be.

 I feel so incredibly optimistic about this year. I have shared before about how good it feels to be settled for now compared to the trials that we’ve recently been through. Now it’s like, we know the drill. We have a system in place. WE’VE GOT THIS!