I can’t believe my baby boy is going to be 22 months old! It’s just about every morning J and I wake up and see this pile of blanket and boy sprawled across the bed and it appears that his limbs have become longer over night and his sturdy little body is covering more ground with each passing day. We marvel out loud about how big he’s gotten. J said yesterday that he does not remember the other two being that large at that age and I said “Yes they were. He is about to be two years old! It just feels like he should still be our little baby so it seems impossible.” I think it’s also that fact that I would usually be pregnant right now. When Z was this age I was expecting SJ and with SJ I would have just found out that I was pregnant with Ezie. The fact that we are delaying the next pregnancy because of our current life status (underemployed, living an apartment, going to school full time) is something that’s hasn’t gone unnoticed in my mind. I am not upset about it, but it’s a new family dynamic for us and it’s going to be a while before our little fellow has to give up the complimentary title of baby.

I am not sure about his height and weight, but he has a doctor’s appointment next week so I’ll find out then. I can always tell how much he has grown though by how well he can reach the door knob.

These three photos show the growth between November, January, and July.

Now he is about to be able to reach the keyhole! 

As far as what he has been up to lately, his favorite song to sing to is “Apples and Bananas”. His favorite show is where he learned that song and it’s called Baby Genius. And let me sarcastically tell you it is a real Emmy winner. He loves sweets just like his mama, but besides that his favorite food is probably eggs. He loves to buckle clasps that can be found on highchairs, shopping carts, and car seats. He can’t undo them, but boy does he love the satisfaction of snapping them into place!

Here I am trying to copy his expression. All of my kids made the funniest faces at this age.

The most frustrating thing about him at this stage is his aggressive tendencies. He has always been a biter. Now add to that hitting, throwing, and spitting and you’ve got yourself a real bruiser I’ve googled my options on correcting this behavior. I’ll let you know how that goes. Sigh. The cutest thing about this stage is his sweet little voice. I just love hearing him talk. He is really into possessives right now. Mommy’s keys. Me’me’s phone. SJ’s shoes. Daddy’s car.  He knows what things are and who they belong to and he will tell you all about it.

One other milestone I need to report for this stage is his first haircut. I know for some it wouldn’t even count because I just trimmed his bangs, but when I clipped a piece that messy mop on top of his head it become baby book official in my opinion. It’s funny because Z had his first hair cut on his 2nd birthday and SJ was right around her 4th birthday. I wanted to wait until Ezie was two, but his hair was constantly covering his eyes. I thought to myself You can be stubborn and wait until he is a nice even two to get his bangs out of his line of sight or you can cut his bangs and give him the gift of vision right now. and that is how the 21 month haircut was born.

I didn’t touch those curls though! 

He does get mistaken for a little girl now and then. Especially since some people think Ezra can be a girl name, but I don’t worry about it. He is a cutie pie for sure and I treasure these final months of him being a one year old.