I know Easter Sunday is old news now that it’s officially May and all, but it really was a beautiful weekend and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to share about it. Plus I have a couple of other updates to sneak in along with it.

Before Easter even happened the kids got to participate in some egg hunts. I didn’t want to spend money on baskets, and plastic bags tend to rip easily so I opted for cloth sacks. I just happened to have some that were the perfect size for the kids. The funny thing about it was that Z and SJ’s bags were from Urban Outfitters and Ezie had a Tom’s bag. Can we say ‘hipster easter’?

I did a quiz online once that was supposed to say what kind of mom you are (don’t ask me why). I got hipster mom. I’m really not. Compared to a real hipster I am probably suburban nerd mom, but sometimes, like for this egg hunt, or when Z includes a print out of an instagram in his homework,

 that’s when I see little glimpses of the validity of that quiz.

Back to Easter. The Saturday before, we spent the night in a hotel because J has been filling in as an interim worship leader at a church in Indiana. The kids enjoyed the indoor pool. I froze, but it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make to see happy children.

By the way, the caption on this instagram was “Sedona’s suspected growth spurt was confirmed today when she was tall enough to get into the Ikea play area for the first time!”

Easter morning was spent at River Valley Community church with J leading the congregation in song. Besides J’s temporary involvement I have further connection with the church through the work that my brother did painting the children’s room.


It is a 50 foot mural representing the nations of the earth. It turned out truly spectacular and he did an amazing job. 

I know Easter outfits can be kind of a thing so I picked out a special floral dress from the Gap outlet with the Easter service specifically in mind. Granted that was three years ago, but it did happen. I posted a collage online voluntarily exposing my fashion faux pas.

 The first year I wore the dress I was pregnant with Ezie, had super long hair, and was living with my parents.

 The next year I had really short hair, a 6 month old and we were living with my brother.

 This year my hair is growing out, Ezie is a walking talking 18 month old, and we live in an apartment in Ohio.

My caption was that so many things have changed over the past 3 years. What hasn’t changed is my dress!

 As far as the children’s attire the boys had matching shirts that their Aunt got them for Christmas last year

and SJ’s dress was from my mom.

 They all looked adorable.

Anyway, after church we met up with my family at a park in Kentucky. The kids got books, chalk, bubbles and kites as part of their Easter presents from the grandparents. I love that this year the sweets were at a minimum and in it’s place were educational or classic toys.

The weather was perfect. The company was too. It was a wonderful way to celebrate such  a joyous day. Christ is risen!