I feel like this particular topic would be best expressed through pictures. I call this series of selfies “Messy Mom Faces the End of the School Year”

This is when it occurred to me that out of nowhere the school year happened and it’s about to be over.


This is when I got all excited about the idea of no more pencils, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks. HEY HEY! Just kidding. Both of my kids have awesome teachers. It’s more like no more deadlines, no more worry, no more everything done in a hurry.


This is after the excitement wore off and I started to think about how many days I would have with all three children. all day long. in our teensy weensy apartment. with no. back. yard.


And this probably doesn’t need a caption.

There are pros and cons to summer and I probably don’t even know half of them since I am a newbie to all of this.  I will say that some relief comes knowing that school is almost out. In fact I feel like I am dragging myself across the finish line. I brought SJ to school an hour late today because I overslept. Not only has SJ been late, but I have missed the bus twice this week with Z! They’ve gone to school without back packs or lunch boxes. I feel like the “worst end of school year mom ever”. I can’t wait for school to be over! Or can I?

Maybe I am like Olaf the snowman from Frozen.

I am singing and dreaming about summer without having a full understanding of what I am up against. I love my family. I like having my kids around, but our current situation with the lack of space and noise complaints and all that makes things a little tricky. I’ve got a plan though, and that is to make a plan. I have 23 days to prepare. This summer is going to run like a well oiled machine I tell you.

I am not going to sit back and let the carefree warm days of summer run me over. NO! I will face it head on with military force AND IT WILL BE FUN. So there.