I’ll admit it, I like to play with my food. As a young girl I would use toothpicks and build little creatures out of fruits and vegetables. I don’t have any photos because that was the 80’s when photography was reserved for vacations, birthdays, and yearbooks instead of every single little thing that kids do every single day. I am not complaining about either era by the way. The point is, I have fond memories of this activity and have continued playing with my food ever since.

Not to imply that I sculpt jaw dropping works of art from produce like Carl Warner or Saxton Freyman do.

Carl Warner’s Lettuce Scape

Saxton Freymann work from the book “Gus and Button”
These guys are very inspiring, but I am talking about super simple fun with fruit. Anyone can do this stuff that I am about to share. Consider it one step up from the funny face pancake at IHOP. 
Let’s start with one that would be the most pertinent today. 
The gold at the end of the rainbow! 
Then there is Bert and Ernie 
How about some decorative fruit pizza with a message? 

Things really start rolling at Christmas time.

Last but not least, a little throw back from when I made this flag cake for 4th of July 13 years ago! 
I know some of these most of these are dessert items, but I would really like to focus on the fruit and veggie part more. I am thinking about starting an elimination diet to see if baby Ezie is sensitive to certain foods. He’s been dealing with really bad eczema for a while now and I just can’t seem to get to the bottom of it. Even if it’s not food related, I need to get my family back on track when it comes to eating right. I will keep you all posted as I play around with the idea of eating more whole foods.