Yesteray was the big day. March 12, 2014 SJ had her first haircut. The whole process was really special, but pretty uneventful as far as haircuts go. Here she is before.

And here are some pictures during the hair cut.
The stylist was fantastic. She was totally comfortable and familiar with the cochlear implant and she even signed “beautiful”when SJ was done. 
SJ was shocked when she saw her her ponytail and it was no longer attached to her head.

But, she seems to be happy with the results.
Here are a few I took that evening


I didn’t set out to make a wig out of my daughters hair. It wasn’t even a thought in my mind that I would have her donate her hair like I did last year. However, I mentioned in my last post that we planned on cutting it to the match the length of the regrowth from when her head was shaved for the surgeries. So that is what we did, and it turned out we had just enough to donate to Locks of Love. Having lost a brother to Leukemia I am even more moved to do whatever I can in helping other children with cancer. SJ doesn’t understand all that yet, but she didn’t have any use for the ponytail so Locks of Love it is! 

It was a memorable evening. Her hair is way easier and she looks super cute, as was predicted. I will be happier when it is a smidge longer because she is dead set on having a ponytail, but other than that it’s all been a very pleasant experience.