It was a very craft-full Christmas this year.

Now that Z and SJ are in school (including Sunday School) I had Christmas art projects coming home nearly everyday of December and we did Truth In The Tinsel ornaments on top of all that. It worked out well since I didn’t decorate this year. The kids were always taping their art to the wall or putting things in our mini Christmas tree. It made our home feel a lot more festive having their contributions.

Z insisted we hang this wreath on the door. The assignment was to cut and glue 70 dots.

Some of the most memorable/laughable Christmas Craft moments were when…

SJ got a hold of the white feathers that were used for the angel ornament and she stuck them all in her head band.

Another Truth in the Tinsel LOL moment was when we made clay from scratch and my baby Jesus ended up looking more like a Russian Nesting doll. 

I loved this card Z made in Kindergarten class. The coke tab belt buckle is adorable. 
The inside said “Merry Christmas Mom and Dad. I love you and Christmas. Santa is cool. love, Z
This thumbprint ornament that looked like two candy canes shaped as a heart came with a poem and it was really touching. 
However, it was a slightly less heart warming when Z chimed in “It’s too bad we all live in the same house. The kids whose mommy and daddy live in different houses got to make two ornaments.” Well, what can I say? You win some you loose some. Sigh. 

On top of all the fun crafts Z’s school does Santa shop, which is were the kids can bring money to school and buy gifts for their family. This is my first time experiencing anything like this, but it was really neat. Z had money from his chores so he cleared out his entire “Dave Ramsey Junior SPEND envelope” to buy presents for his family. Even though they were humble little gifts, the thought and consideration he put into it literally brought me to tears.

J got a mini tape measurer, which as you can imagine was perfect for him, especially since the kids broke his old one. Ezie got a little xylophone and he loves music and has had a blast banging on that thing. SJ got a princess pony with fairy wings. That was home run too.

Lastly, Z handed me my present. I already had a clue what it was, because he told me. But even though I knew it was a ring I constantly forbid him to give me anymore details. As I untaped the little package and pulled out the treasure inside Z announced “it’s green, because that’s your favorite color and then he slid the itty bitty ring onto my pinky finger. It was one of my favorite Christmas moments ever.

It never fails that some of the least flashy Christmases are the best ones. I am so grateful that no matter how crooked,  messy, or simple these little Christmas decorations and gifts may be, each one is a priceless treasure in my eyes. It doesn’t get any better than this.