One of my favorite parts of having children in school is the delight (or horror, but so far delight) of seeing the annual school picture. Z’s school sent our package forms ahead of time and I figured they wouldn’t turn out so I didn’t order any, but when I saw the proofs I had to get my hands on some prints.

 This was his first school photo.

Then when SJ’s turn came around a couple of months later the ONLY option was to order ahead of time. So, I chose the smallest cheapest package possible with exceedingly low expectations, but once again when I saw the prints I had to call up Lifetouch and beg them for more. They really captured a genuine small and the spark in her eye for this one. 

Lastly, even though Ezie obviously does not have any school photos yet, I took one year photos in the fall and had some equally adorable results. 
I am super frugal and some would even describe me as a tight wad, but there has to be some room in the budget for pictures. I like candid and artistic shots more than the traditional yearbook photo, but there is something about the nostalgia of these head shots that I can’t pass up. They are little for such a short amount of time it’s important to me to have a freeze frame of these milestones. Just look at them! Am I blessed or what?