Can I just say that with as much as I loved the 31 day challenge, I thought about giving up several times. I just barely inched my way across the finish line on October 31. The topic writing really stretched me and I feel so accomplished by having completed the challenge. It wasn’t easy though, and I didn’t even manage to blog every day. Honestly, it was a miracle that I even did 25 posts with how crazy October was for me. I thought about giving 31 excuses for why I didn’t blog everyday in October, but I thought a little recap might be more suitable .

First of all, at the beginning of October I started working again. I always tell people that being a stay at home mom is a full time job and being a special needs mom is like working a second job on top of that! So I haven’t been working outside of the home since we left Texas. However, when my brother in law offered for me to take on a part time administrative assistant position from home with the luxury of setting my own hours, it was hard to pass up. J and I discussed and prayed about it and so I’ve been working for 4 weeks now!

On top of that I worked 3 weddings in the past month too. I haven’t done wedding photography since, well, since I said that I stopped working, but my brother has started getting into videography so I have been assisting him on occasion. You can see some of our work here and here.

 Then I had a chance to fill in as a photographer at a wedding that was desperately seeking someone after there original photog bailed. EEK! The theme was masquerade, so that was a really neat opportunity.

I’ve enjoyed hitting the wedding scene again. Maybe I’ll go back to that someday when things settle down.

Besides all the extra work that’s come in, the kids school schedules have kept me on my toes, let me tell ya. Between field trips,

parties, conferences, fundraisers,

and dress up days I am lucky that the worst mix up I made was more of an embarrassment than a real problem.

It happened to be one of the days that SJ was out of school. My afternoon alarm went off on my phone signaling that it was time to go. So I raced the two little ones down to the bus stop, which I was bummed to find completely vacant. I couldn’t believe I missed the bus! I was so stressed out. I put the kids in their car seats and started to head to Z’s school, but on the way there I called to find out where I needed to be. When I explained my position to the lady on the phone she informed me that school was still in session and they had not released the kids yet. Doh! My alarm was set for when I needed to pick up SJ (who gets out first), but since I had SJ with me already I automatically felt like it was time to get Z.

  Both kids have had enough schedule changes lately for me to rip up the original schedule and just wing it. When one has the day off the other has a special assembly to attend. Or when one has early release the other has a parent teacher meeting. One has picture day the same time the other has crazy hair day, and thank goodness I didn’t get that one mixed up.

I have had to enlist my mom on several occasions because even with as super as I may try to be,

This was my “costume” for SJ’s school party. I took this pic as a joke because I have snot on my shoulder.

I CANNOT be two places at once. Today for example Z is off, SJ is at school now, but needs to be picked up early to go to an ENT appointment. Then tomorrow is book fair for SJ and the 50th day of school for Z (so he is supposed to dress in 50’s attire). Then I have a scheduled observation at SJ’s school, AND I am scheduled to go to the auto body shop because when I was writing my series in October I never got to mention that I was rear ended in the middle of a down pour! Bahhhh!!!

That’s enough details about how busy and chaotic my life has been. I did want to catch up though because I have two more weeks of an extremely packed calendar, so I might not be writing as much as I would like to. Although, I at least hope to touch on some very special milestones soon; like baby Ezie’s first steps, my 13 year anniversary which was yesterday, and the year anniversary of SJ’s cochlear implant surgery which is TODAY! So lots of wonderful things are happening. I just have to figure out how to juggle it all. I am sure many of you can relate.