We are recovering from last weekend’s participation in the world’s longest yard sale. 
Was it a success or did it flop? 
Did I have fun? 
Did I get a ridiculous sunburn?
Was it more trouble than it’s worth? 
So many questions to answer and the answer to all of them is YES! It really just depends on how you look at it. It’s a half glass thing. It could be half full or half empty, but I’ll go with full because the epic 127 yard sale was an adventure I don’t regret. We made $300 after expenses over the course of three days and the days were not as long as I had anticipated. And what’s the most important thing? We got rid of stuff! Here are the top 10 phone photos from the 3 day event
1. The Set Up
Wednesday night the minivans, buses, trucks, and trailers all came together to set up tents and tables full of STUFF! Some of the yard sales along the route are the traditional home style rummage, but a lot of places rent out spaces and it becomes more of a festival, as was the case here. 
2. The t shirts
These two gals were a couple of the many shoppers sporting their 127 yard sale shirts.
3. The travelers
I met people from all over the country including these two lovely ladies who flew in all the way from Miami Florida. They knew they would torcher themselves by the limited amount of space they would have for purchases, but it was still worth it just to be a part of the action. 
4. Fun with signage
Who could refuse a costume you know was worn by a baby that cute? 
5. My little helper
SJ lined the shoes up a dozen different ways. Notice she is barefoot here, that’s because her shoes are the ones on the bottom left. Someone actually tried to buy them and she freaked out and started signing and shouting. I had to explain. 
6. The Captain
I started it. The whole yard sale thing was my idea, but J was the one to finish it. He got really pumped toward the end. He was making deals left and right. He was giving me tips on how to push a sale and my favorite was when he got a piece of artwork out of the trash from a nearby neighborhood and I sold the frame for $3. In this photo he is reconfiguring our whole space in the rain. He couldn’t understand why I was so unmotivated.
7. The tailgate party
On the last day the kids mostly hung out in the back of the 4runner with the seats down. 
8. The traffic
The crowds were big and diverse. The people you meet are as eclectic as the things you find in the rummage. That’s what I love about yard sales. 
9. Bloggers!
One of my favorite parts of the yard sale was getting to meet someone who I connected with through blogging. I had posted on instagram about the sale as I was getting ready. Then on the last day “Nurse Duke” showed up and we got to meet in person.
10. The aftermath
Here we are waiting in line at the local goodwill. We are probably 5 cars back with more behind us. They were sending people to a trailer in the parkinglot to unload because they did not have enough room for all of the leftovers that were coming in from the 127 yard sale! 
So that gives you a pretty good idea of what it was like. I would do it again, but now that I’ve tried my hand as a seller I think I am ready to experience the 127 sale as a shopper. Maybe next year.