Who doesn’t love a good baby laugh? I know I do and my kids do too. They have a way with getting their little brother to squeal with delight. One day I decided to document this display of sibling affection and I captured this video of the kids entertaining each other. Z and SJ were running around on the porch making E laugh so hard he could just about burst out of his bumbo.

But before they made him laugh they made me laugh with this next episode. It was the same concept, act like crazy monkeys and get the baby to laugh, but I kept telling them they were being too rough (you can even hear me say it at the beginning of this clip). He takes a lot of abuse from his big sis who doesn’t quite understand that he isn’t one of her baby dolls. Eventually she literally pushed him too hard.

For the record she was fine and got right back up. And that’s when we took things outside. “LOL”