A lot of people ask if we still sign. We do. SJ isn’t actively learning anymore at this time since it takes absolutely everything we’ve got to get her caught up orally now that she has the cochlear implant. However SJ knows 50+ signs and some of them, like “potty” and “sorry”are absolutely critical in our house. She also knows “where” and “hearing aid”. The sign for cochlear implant is actually different than hearing aid, but it’s what she knows from when she had hearing aids so we go with it. There have been times where she took off her CI’s and we just sign “where are your hearing aids”. She can request  her processor using this sign too which was an exciting milestone. Even as I write this I have to pause and use the signs “share” or “clean up” (go figure). This video shows 10 more signs that we use on a regular basis. SJ is, as always, the star of the show, but you can hear the brothers in the background. Hopefully they are not too loud.

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