It was one of those mornings. Again. SJ did not want to put clothes on and naked students are frowned upon at her school. I couldn’t find any quick grab breakfast items so the kids had to share a granola bar to which Z insisted on picking out the parts he didn’t like. It took at least 5 trips from the house to the car before I had everyone and everything packed up and ready to go.

While we were in the car I realized SJ’s headband was not clipped to her hair. She wears headbands to keep her cochlear implants on and if they aren’t clipped it slides off pretty easily.

No, I did not take a picture in the middle of the craziness, this is from another day. 

Oh dear. Where is a barrette? Please tell me there is a barrette in this car! I shouted out loud. When I became a mom I stopped talking to myself and started sputtering words to my kids. It’s the same thing really.

I did in fact find a barrette and we were on our way! I don’t love driving 45 minutes to school every day, but it gives me a chance to sit down and stay put, and the kids are forced to do the same. So that part is nice.

“Mom,” Z said, “You have the best looking eyes.”

Wow. I thought I didn’t hear him right so I asked what he said, and he repeated himself. It’s almost like he had read my thoughts, or my blog post from yesterday, about how women want to feel beautiful. I was reminded of the time he told me I smelled like a princess. My love language is words of affirmation and this boy knows how to speak my language. I told him Thank You and that it was a very sweet compliment that meant a lot to me. Then Z said “Sometimes I have the best looking eyes, but today it was you.” I was a little confused by what he meant, but I am glad he likes his eyes. He continued on “Because you were the one that found SJ’s hair barrette! Good job, mom.”

I think I could have laughed the rest of the way to school. I have the best LOOKING eyes, because my eyes are so good at looking and finding things. Of course.

I still take it as a compliment.