A year ago we celebrated your second birthday. We threw a big party for you with family and friends and we had the best time. You were such a fun, cute, and fearless little two year old.

This was a big year for you because mommy and daddy took you to see a doctor, who told us to bring you to another doctor who told us that you can’t hear! But that’s not the only thing we found out about you this year. You are one sweet surprise after another.

We have learned that you are extremely independent.

 You don’t mind if I take you to the bathroom, but if you have to go… (how should I say this?) #2 then you point to the door and shoo me out of the room so that you can have privacy.

One time you locked yourself in the bathroom and there was no key to get you out so daddy had to saw the knob off and break in to rescue you. You also like to dress yourself from head to toe. No matter how many times it takes you will keep at buttoning your shirt or tying your shoes until you get it right (or at least close enough). 

You have even tried to prepare your own meals, but it’s usually something eccentric like a butter sandwich. One time you made a bowl of broccoli and marshmallows. You heated it in the microwave just long enough to melt the marshmallow. By the time I caught you you were shoveling it down with a fondue fork and you finished every last bite.

We have also learned that you are left handed, just like 3 of your aunts, even though only one of them is blood related.

We’ve learned just how very girly you are. You aren’t afraid to play with trucks or get dirty, but you tend to gravitate toward dressing up, dancing like a ballerina, or wearing high heels. 
One time after a therapy session your teacher said that you were doing a sign where you wiggled your fingers under your chin and and she asked me what it meant? I told her it was the sign for dirty, icky, gross. She said that you were playing with a paper doll and when the teacher put a straw hat on the doll you wrinkled your nose and signed yucky then switched the hat to a tiara. She said you were very adamant about it.

We learned that you have a million different facial expressions and everyone you come in contact with usually comments on that fact.

We already knew what a good little sister you are 
and know we know you make a great big sister too!

Lastly we’ve learned that there is nothing that can hold you back.

Yesterday we celebrated your third birthday. We threw a big party for you with family and friends and we had the best time. You are such a cute, fun, and fearless little three year old.