I have a whole grab bag of thoughts (and a couple questions) for you on this Miscellany Monday.

I have a new obsession called the Library. My sister in law (the one I live with) took me a few weeks ago and all they required for membership was local mail with my name on it. So I got a card and I go often. Lately I have been talking up my Library membership like it is the new iPhone. I am that cool.

 I know Valentine’s Day was a month ago, but SJ had surgery that day so we basically didn’t acknowledge it at all. We did however go to a young married party at our church that weekend and we played the newly wed game. It was so much fun. I loved seeing how alike and different J and I answered each question.

One question was
“If there were a fire what 3 things would your husband try and save?”
My answer was family, computer, and photos. And while most husbands answered that they would save their wife and/or children, the answers ranged from pets, to guns, to TV. I knew J wouldn’t save our TV because we have a 13 year old box TV that switches from color to black and white, the latter being more and more frequent. In fact I think if we saw a fire fighter coming out of a burning house with our TV we would throw our hands out and scream “Noooo! Put it back!!!” Anyway, back the game, when it was J’s turn to answer he said “family, computer, and photos” SCORE!

Another question was which would your husband least want to do, go shopping with you, or clean the toilet? I misunderstood and thought it said which would your husband rather do, so I said go shopping. All the guys were answering, go shopping, go shopping, go shopping. Then J meekly squeaked out scrub the toilet. I was shocked and blurted out “WHAT YOU WOULD RATHER SCRUB THE TOILET THAN GO SHOPPING WITH ME!?” That’s when everyone explained what the question actually was. Which made sense, because shopping is one of our favorite things to do together, but then it hit me… “Sooo… all of you guys would RATHER scrub the toilet?” There was a resounding yes. I never knew J was such a rare find.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about and wondering if I am a minority in is the use of area codes. I am old enough to remember not having to use an area code, but these days its 10 digits and that’s that. The problem is not everyone sees it that way. I have to exchange phone number a lot because of SJ’s appointments and I start with (972) and then give the rest and it throws people because they automatically put in the local area code. Or if they give me their office number they leave out the area code and inside I am thinking “REALLY? You expect me to know the area code. Not only am I new in town, but even if I weren’t there are several different area codes in one metroplex. Add the mass use of cell phones and you are dealing with even more!” So what do you think, area code, or no area code? That is the question.

Lastly I leave you with the quote that’s been in my mind the most lately.

I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way. We might as well laugh about it.