Ezie is now 5 months cold, I mean old. Although, it has been pretty cold since he was born. We’ve had multiple snow days and I figured this would be the best chance I would have to pull out the baby snow suit.


When Z was a baby he was given these two winter suit hand-me-downs. I have pictures of Z wearing it the exact same date 5 years ago (Z was 6 months old).

and I have SJ in the matching white one at 9 months old

and here is E at 5 months.

I know he is not smiling, but Z was the one behind the camera so I’ll take what I can get. I do have a couple smiley ones from my phone.

Lastly I have some pics that I took of him wearing some of the cute clothes I found for super cheap at a consignment shop. I just can’t keep up with him at the rate he is growing. He is now 18 pounds, wearing size 3 diapers, and 6-9 month clothes!

“pasture bedtime” 

Thanks for modeling Ezie!