Every year with kids Christmas just gets better and better. Last night we got our first dusting of snow, I finished wrapping presents, and both kids are officially on Christmas break. I really want to do some wrapping tutorials at some point, but for now let me just show a few quick pics of some of the fun I’ve had wrapping gifts this year. 
Normally I am all about the reusable bags, but when I saw this idea on pinterest I started collecting brown paper bags from Trader Joe’s. 

I didn’t think the kids would appreciate this look as much as the adults so I used wrapping paper, but I stole this paper curling idea from a friend of mine.
She posted on Facebook how she hates wasting the extra cut off paper so she spontaneously decided to curl them to use as ribbon. I loved how it turned out. Waste not Want Not. Thanks Susan! 
There is one present that is too big to wrap and I had this idea to put this note in a little present.

 I can just picture the whole family busily unwrapping their gifts and chatting away when the recipient shouts “WHERE IS MY PRESENT?” that will be our cue to bring it in from the garage for the grand reveal. I can’t wait! 
Lastly, this was my first year to do teacher presents because I didn’t have any children in school until now. I found these baskets for 50 cents- SCORE. 
I filled them with all kinds of goodies, most of which was pinerest inspired. I loved the idea of the reindeer holding the card until I realized that wouldn’t be an easy to grab gift for a busy teacher on the go, so I wrapped them in clear plastic bags. 

I have had a blast with all these projects. It truly is better to give than receive. Although, to be perfectly honest, I look forward to both.